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An Irrigation Success story in Europe for 35 years

Golf is an international pastime. In more than 130 countries, on six continents, Rain Bird golf products work to enhance the landscapes on which the game is played.

Rain Bird is the only irrigation company that actively maintains a physical presence throughout Europe, with fully owned companies operating from Sweden to Turkey and from Germany to Spain.

In Europe, it all began in 1972, when a handful of Americans and Europeans founded Rain Bird Europe. In 1988, the Rain Bird Deutschland branch was set up to cover Central Europe.

A few years later, Rain Bird Iberica began to operate in Spain and Portugal and then Rain Bird Sverige A.B. was acquired in Sweden for the Scandinavian market and to manufacture pump stations.

Our latest addition, Rain Bird Turkey, was established in Istanbul in 2003. Rain Bird sales, field service and technical personnel take an active role in their communities. They speak the language. They have firsthand knowledge of soil and climate conditions. They are well versed in local business and regulatory environments.

A vast network of professional distributor/contractor-partners makes Rain Bird products and spare parts available in all European countries.

Different countries and languages:

  • Rain Bird Golf Central Control Software is available in 11 languages.
  • Rain Bird Europe Golf Catalogue is available in 8 languages.
  • Web site www.rainbird.eu available in 9 languages.
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Rain Bird in Europe

Market Leader
Since 1997 Rain Bird new generation golf central control systems have been installed in 33 countries and since 1998 Rain Bird pump stations in 29 countries covered by Rain Bird Europe. These leading technologies, coupled with our local sales and service presence make Rain Bird the leader in the European golf irrigation market.


Each region in Europe has its own needs. To cater for the different kinds of central control systems accepted in the different European markets Rain Bird produces not only decoder and satellite systems but also decoder satellites. Rain Bird supplies all the products required for a golf course irrigation system, from reservoir to rotor throughout the different regions of Europe.
Rain Bird Sweden’s state of the art pump station manufacturing facility offers vertical multistage and submersible pump stations tailor made for the golf irrigation market. All pump stations are fully assembled, tested both electrically and hydraulically and calibrated before being shipped to site. All pump stations carry CE approval.


In Europe Rain Bird products are distributed through a network of distributors but primarily direct to contractors. In addition Rain Bird maintains golf product inventory in warehouses throughout Europe.

In Scandinavia Rain Bird Sweden manufactures pump stations and is also the leading irrigation contractor and service provider in the market. They also provide turnkey irrigation systems for projects in the Baltic’s, Russia and Kazakhstan.

In Turkey and Turkish States, Rain Bird Turkey provides turnkey golf irrigation installation and acts as a total service provider as well as distributor.

From training through to full turnkey golf installations, Rain Bird in Europe has the capabilities to meet all service needs.

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