Date: Thu 16 May 2013

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John Deere – Muirfield gets ready for another Open

Jacobsens – Supporting Sustainability

John Deere - Muirfield gets ready for another Open

Muirfirld 8000E fairway mower

Muirfirld 8000E fairway mower

Muirfield is often described as one of the fairest of the Open Championship, and everyone at The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers is eagerly anticipating the staging of the 16th Open Championship at Muirfield in July.

The course’s own John Deere machinery fleet will be supported during the run-up to the tournament by extra machines supplied by the company and local dealer Thomas Sherriff, as official suppliers of golf course maintenance equipment to the 2013 Open Championship.

Muirfield’s course manager Colin Irvine says: “It’s important to keep up with technology to make our presentation the best we can, using the aids that are out there. We’re therefore always looking out for the best machine to do the job for us.”

Colin has been in charge at Muirfield for 18 years and over the years he has come to trust John Deere equipment to match his needs, particularly the company’s fairway mowers. The 12-strong greenkeeping team use 7500E hybrid mowers to keep Muirfield’s fairways in tip-top shape all year round.

“Taking away the hydraulics from the mowing heads and the consequent noise reduction makes mowing much more comfortable for the man on board and for everyone else,” says Colin. “Removing the risk of oil leaks is such a weight off a course manager’s mind too, especially when big tournaments are in the offing.”

Muirfield’s greens, tees and aprons are hand mown every day using a total of 18 John Deere 180C, 180SL and 220C walk-behind greens mowers. Other machines include the 2500E hybrid electric triplex greens mower, the 8000E five-gang fairway mower, the 2653B triplex utility mower, the 2030A ProGator and electric TE Gator utility vehicles, and the 1565 front rotary mower.

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Jacobsens – Supporting Sustainability

Jacobsen Eclipse 322 electric greens mower with solar panel

Jacobsen Eclipse 322 electric greens mower with solar panel

Following on from their sponsorship of the EIGCA Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development Workshop, Jacobsen turf equipment explains why they wanted to support the initiative.

Corporate Social Responsibility is seen as increasingly important for big business, but for Jacobsen it’s all about ‘Walking the Walk’ as well as, ‘Talking the Talk.’

As a global business it's important for manufacturers to back sustainable initiatives like the EIGCA Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development Workshops, not only in the developed golf areas but also the developing ones.

Sustainability is an important issue and an opportunity for best practice in the business arena - and Jacobsen takes that very seriously. As a business there are numerous practical measures that can be taken in the sustainable route, but our ISO14001 accreditation, the environmental management standard in manufacturing, has been one of our main drivers.

To maintain our ISO accreditation we have to manage the business in a responsible way. We design products that produce fewer emissions; we’re using more recycled materials and we’re also investigating in alternative power sources, such as lithium-ion batteries. We were the first manufacturer to introduce a diesel-electric hybrid mower, dramatically reducing fuel consumption.

Our own three-hole par 3 course, the RJ National, was one of the first golf courses in the UK to receive GEO certification. Golf courses can be oases for wildlife; you only have to look at the biodiversity our short course has introduced to an industrial estate in Ipswich!

With these credentials, Jacobsen is dedicated to being a long-term investor in the EIGCA’s solutions for sustainable golf course development.

We all have a vested interest in the success of golf as an industry; we should all be concerned for our natural and built environment, so we believe it’s almost a duty for businesses associated with our industry to support the aims and aspirations of EIGCA and GEO.

Without doubt golf is leading the way and the EIGCA in Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development is just another way we are proving that this industry can ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’.

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