Date: Thu 16 May 2013

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A Consultant Partner is an individual who is working in a solely fee-based professional practice associated with the golf course design business such as agronomy, irrigation engineering, drainage design, land planning, surveying, landscape architecture, environmental consultancy, legal, financial and marketing services, photography and clubhouse architecture.

Roger Davey


Irritech Limited Independent Irrigation Consultants have just completed the irrigation system replacement project at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club, Somerset, England. Of particular interest is the construction of a new 22,000 cubic metre water storage lake (designed by Irritech) which was blended into the existing blown sand dune structures (the site is of special scientific interest and of archaeological value).

A unique careful design ethos and environmental approach ensured that the Club secured planning permissions and a 14 year extension to their existing abstraction arrangement. This demonstrated that, with the correct approach, schemes to secure water for future use can be constructed in the most demanding of environments.

The new irrigation lake supplies water to the new full Greens, Surrounds, Fairways, and Tee irrigation system.

The lake is invisible to players and is sited between holes 8 and 12 on the Championship Course.

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