Date: Thu 16 May 2013

Rain Bird - Waste Water Treatment

The world has limited resources and clean water is one of them. It is all our responsibility to ensure we use our water efficiently, reduce waste and reuse them as much as we can. We develop products and technologies that allow user to conserve water and use efficiently.

Rain Bird
Rain Bird

The need to conserve water has never been greater. The current population growth and the ongoing drought in many areas in the world are only the two reasons of many as indicators of water shortages. Water shortages are likely to be faced in the very near future. In many European countries as well as certain States in USA, there are restrictions for the volume of fresh water used by golf courses, resorts, hotels and other crowded areas. In many areas in the western world, golf courses, hotels and resorts are required by law to use reclaimed water for irrigation.

Rain Bird offers On Site Waste Water Treatment for irrigation purposes in order to reduce the demand on potable sources of freshwater and reduce the need for large public waste water. Our water treatment systems diminish the volume of waste water discharged which ends up resulting beneficial impact on the aquatic environment.

Rain Bird has experienced waste water treatment specialists which provide, design, technical support, after sales services. We ensure that the design of the waste water treatment plants is unique and it is based on your needs, environmental limitations, legislative obligations and your other requirements. Rain Bird supplies integrated solutions from pumping systems to central control systems, from irrigation/supervision to advanced technologies.


Rain Bird Corporation – Golf Division manufactures a wide range of irrigation products for golf courses: pump stations, Gear-drive Rotors, field controllers, map-based central control irrigation systems, decoders, swing joints, flow meters, filtration systems, valves and irrigation accessories. Rain Bird Central Control and Pump Station components are serviced and supported by a comprehensive Global Service Plan (GSP). These products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of specialty irrigation distributors. For more information, please contact your Rain Bird representative.

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