Kari Haug

Date: Thu 02 Sep 2021

A Golf Memory: Can we design it?

What makes the sensations and emotions felt when playing certain golf courses or holes stick in a player's mind?

Golf course architects can facilitate golf memories through thoughtful design. Read how Kari Haug MEIGCA makes a case for creating a memorable design by appealing to our senses, and then further affecting the strength of the memory through emotional appeal and use of focal points. Kari breaks down 27 design techniques to create and influence memorability of a golf course. Kari's work on this subject dates back to her thesis for her Master of Landscape Architecture in 2005 at the University of Minnesota which focused on how to create a destination with a distinctly memorable place identity.

Hole Notes

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Hole Notes

Download a copy of the article by clicking on the box. (This article was first published in Hole Notes, the official publication of the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association.

Golf Course Design
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