Date: Mon 27 Apr 2020

Introduction to new EIGCA Bronze Partner Total Golf Construction, Inc.

We are delighted to have been invited to offer an introduction to our company after becoming a Partner with the EIGCA.

Total Golf Construction was formed in 1987 in Dubai for the purpose of constructing the now-famous Emirates Golf Course – the first all-grass course in the Middle East.

After completing further golf facility projects in Dubai, the passion for building Championship level courses in hitherto non-golfing locations took hold.

The result, thus illustrated on our website – is a portfolio of projects completed in such diverse locations as the UK, Egypt, Nigeria, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan – and we also build and renovate them, close to “home” in the USA!

The company relocated its Head Office to Vero Beach in Florida, as a regrouped operation in 1993, from where it services all the functions of the construction processes.

We continue to search out projects on a global basis so as to continue to offer our full-service scope of operations which include, New Constructions, Renovations, Grow-In, Maintenance and Management.

We are TOTAL Golf!

Our website includes an Enquiry page, an Employment Application page as well as contact details for our agents and offices in USA, UK and other countries.

So – we look forward to the possibility of hearing from you!

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