Date: Fri 06 Mar 2020

EIGCA Bronze Partner CMF Global Keeps moving forward globally with AquaFuse HDPE Irrigation systems………..

CMF Global continues to expand our base with specifiers, installers and most importantly, end users/owners, with AquaFuse HDPE Irrigation systems and is now the number one, complete HDPE irrigation systems specified and installed globally!

This milestone took years of innovation and creating value to clients in over 60 countries.

A few of the in-house, patented HDPE components that helped propel this milestone started with our fused AquaSaddle (affordable transition from HDPE pipe to swing-joint). We also had to create and patent the fusion machine to install these as well! To date we have hundreds of thousands in the ground in all conditions globally with zero manufacturers’ defects.

One of the other products that has literally taken over (as the valve of choice) is our AquaFuse 360 ControlFlo HDPE ball valves. The 360 ControlFlo valves are the world’s only “slow close” and top serviceable HDPE valves in the world. To date, zero issues with manufacturer defects with thousands in operation globally.

All of this comes with our unmatched, full 25 year system warranty as well as our exclusive products liability insurance policy that covers up to $1,000,000 per incident.

As always, CMF Global/AquaFuse is proud of our membership with all in the EIGCA. We are looking for more project opportunities and partnerships with all members of your fine organisation.

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