Date: Mon 16 Dec 2019


In this first update on EIGCA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, we want to refresh your mind on how to earn and claim CPD credits to become a CPD Approved architect.

With BTME just around the corner (21st – 23rd January 2020), read on to find out how many credits you can claim from attending.

The EIGCA CPD Programme was created to help Members and Associate Members gain recognition for what they do and learn to expand their skills and knowledge. CPD credits are available for a wide range of activities which contribute towards professional development and fit into four areas: education, professional, personal learning statement and networking.

All Members and Associate Members are automatically enrolled onto the CPD Programme. When you have gained 60 CPD credits in a three-year cycle, you become CPD Approved and maintain this status by continually earning 60 credits in each three-year cycle. Credits are either validated by EIGCA staff or you are provided with a CPD code to record from a list of pre-approved activity. This brings us on neatly to BTME …

If you are attending BTME in January, remember to claim credits for what you do there. Attending this exhibition will expose you to many learning opportunities so take note of the list below and remember to record them in your account:

  • 1 education credit for each hour you attend a workshop
  • 2 networking credits for each full day attended
  • 2 networking credits by attending EIGCA’s Partners’ Reception
  • 2 professional credits for each hour you present at a seminar
  • 2 professional credits for each hour you help on EIGCA’s exhibition stand advising visitors

There is a handy CPD handbook to help you understand and navigate EIGCA’s CPD Programme [click on the pdf to download a copy] … and start claiming your credits for recognition of your investment in professional development activities to build your skills and expand your knowledge.

Reminder how to access the EIGCA CPD website

  1. Log in to the members area of the EIGCA website (use the 'log in' button top right corner) – use the email address listed in your Member Directory profile *
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner
  3. Click on ‘CPD site’ in the drop-down list (4th down) for instant access to your CPD account

* If you have forgotten your password, when you try to log in you can have your password sent to you (you need to use the email address in your profile)

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