Date: Tue 06 Aug 2019

Relocation of Royal Club in Britain Brings EIGCA Bronze Partner Profile Products to the Mix

When European architect and EIGCA Past President Ross McMurray was tasked with designing the new site for Royal Norwich Golf Club, a course that had called the same location home for 125 years, he expected that he would be challenged with preserving the history of the course and the many attributes of the notable golf on a new site.

17th Green

17th Green

What McMurray did not expect, however, were some of the challenges inherent with the natural environment (including a protected bat species roosting in the mature trees surrounding the course!).

After creating a course layout that would minimize environmental disruption, McMurray brought Profile Products to the table to tackle something even further from his control: the dry climate in the region. McMurray leaned on Profile for the company’s agronomic expertise along with its line of inorganic soil amendments that could provide a consistent, reliable, and long-lasting rootzone mix for the greens.

Profile Porous Ceramics were blended with local sands and used across all of the course’s greens, resulting in well-developed rooting, and a balance of moisture and air porosity a year after opening.

Click on image to read more about the project and to see how Profile helped create the foundation for success on yet another renowned course!

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