Date: Wed 17 Apr 2019

Spotlight on ... Bernhard and Company

As an EIGCA Bronze Partner can you tell our Members a bit more about what Bernhard and Company do and what you specialise in?

What are Bernhard best known for and what do you do that we might not know about?

Bernhard and Company is known and celebrated worldwide as a manufacturer of sharpening equipment for the sports turf industry. In 2016, we became the distributor of SubAir systems providing air movement and optimal moisture removal and in 2018, launched through our association with MLR the first ever golf specific supplementy light rig to solve and shade problem and alleviate turf growth issues on golf courses.

Do you have any new or recent developments that you can tell us about?

The golf lighting rig was launched late 2018. In 2019 we launched several new sharpening systems including new technologies such as laser measuring, smart motors and RFID technology to ensure optimal accuracy and consistency of quality of cut on a golf course, no matter who uses the equipment.

What are the biggest changes you as a company have seen in the golf industry over the last 10 years?

We have seen the acceleration of the need for new technologies to help Greenkeeping professionals keep pushing boundaries of excellence. Turf Managers are far more open to trying non-conventional methods to help them achieve their goals and manage high-quality healthy turf. We believe this shift is in preparation of future legislation and restrictions on chemical use. They have also witnessed other technologies been proven and significantly helping in alternative sports turf management, for example, supplementary lighting systems and air movement tools used in stadiums.

From a manufacturer and suppliers perspective do you have any advice for Golf Course Architects?

Be more sympathetic when designing areas on the courses. Making sure that conventional mowing equipment can mow these areas without scalping and leaving damage. We often see dramatic ‘humps and hollows’ that look great, but a ridged oblong cutting unit can’t physically mow it cleanly. Also the choice of the correct grass species is vitally important to the long term running costs of a golf course.

What interesting environmental initiatives have Bernhard been involved with or helped to develop?

Bernhard and company’s philosophy is about providing turf health solutions. Our product portfolio is enhancing the grass’ natural development and contributing to reducing the use of water, pesticides and fertilisers as well as keeping the best quality and playability. Our grinders are being used to maintain 70% of the top 100 golf courses. SubAir systems have been installed at major golf venues allowing for events to be played even in the wettest conditions. BMW PGA at Wentworth and most recently the Masters at Augusta.

The golf rig has been developed with Bernhard’s expertise and experience in the golf industry. The lighting rig is specifically designed to provide the amount of light required for the plant to grow in shaded area. Bernhard and Company will also provide agronomic knowledge and support to implement the correct deployment plan.

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