Date: Sat 20 Apr 2019

Grassing the Marco Simone in Rome for big events by EIGCA Bronze Partner Greenmasters

On the beautiful hills topped by maritime pines at Marco Simone in Rome, the renovation works are intense in preparation of the Ryder Cup 2022.

Our group of companies, leaded by Greenmasters SA, has been involved in the specs and supply of high quality grass seed for greens, surrounds, roughs and extreme-roughs.

The choice for greens has been Pure Distinction creeping bentgrass produced by Tee 2 Green Corp. and distributed in Europe by Greenmasters S.A. The main traits of this cultivars, a natural choice for the highest quality putting surfaces globally, are the unique light color, heat and cold tolerance, disease tolerance and very low thatch production. Pure Distinction establishes fast even in cold temperatures, requires low nitrogen supply during the year, and grows dense and uniform without the need of frequent verticuts or grooming.

For surrounds and pre-roughs a specific mixture of highly heat and drought resistant tall and fine fescues has been selected with the aim to provide a turf with color and texture contrasting beside the fairways, greens and tees surfaces. The “plastic” properties of this grass composition allow different mowing heights depending on the level of difficulty the golf course committee decides to set up for players. Particular attention has been given to choose TWCA ( Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance) qualified cultivars.

A similar logic has been followed in selecting the cultivars for the extreme rough: fine fescues with heat and drought tolerance, virtually no maintenance and high contrast to enhance the maintained surfaces.

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