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Date: Wed 29 Nov 2023

All Golf Services opens a new chapter for Karolinka Golf Park

In the winter of 2022/2023, All Golf Services embarked on a transformative project, reshaping the landscape of Karolinka Golf Park with the addition of 9 new holes and the meticulous reconstruction of an existing one.

This venture signifies not just a continuation but an evolution of the golfing experience amidst the verdant beauty of Poland. In contrast to the initial nine, the newly crafted holes promise a more park-like ambiance, marking the commencement of a novel era for Karolinka Golf Park.

Lukasz Szadny, representing All Golf Services, illuminates the project’s core vision: "Our mission was not merely to construct the next nine holes at Karolinka Golf Park, but to do so without disrupting the natural fauna and flora of the area. We aimed to fashion a parkland-type course that harmonises with the natural terrain, thus creating a visually stunning layout seamlessly integrated into its surroundings. Each hole at Karolinka Golf Park should unfold as a unique adventure.”

The construction of the new 9 holes was executed with utmost care, weaving through a picturesque forest to amplify the inherent beauty of Karolinka Golf Park. However, environmental and visual sensitivity weren’t the sole considerations during the course creation. Our focus was on providing the course with cutting-edge solutions tailored to the terrain, ensuring longevity and streamlined course management.

The decisions made were deliberate. The Rain Bird IC System was seamlessly integrated for precise irrigation management, promoting sustainable water usage. Fito seeds, specifically chosen for the moderate climate of Poland, were meticulously selected to ensure optimal growth and resistance. An innovative choice for the project included the incorporation of our ProBunker liner technology in the construction of green bunkers, currently in progress. The ProBunker liner offers various advantages, including preventing sand contamination, maintaining consistent sand depth, and eliminating water ponding.

Another notable aspect of this endeavour involves utilising turf from our sod farm on the renovated training green, instantly providing a uniform playing surface. The playing experience was further elevated with the installation of a Kasco fountain in the existing lake on the reconstructed hole. With seeding completed in July and August, we are on the brink of completing this captivating construction, offering players a fresh adventure to explore.

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