Rain Bird 952 rotors Stuart Tate

Date: Wed 01 Nov 2023

Top performance and convenience throughout the course with Rain Bird Golf's new 952 Series rotors

Rain Bird Golf has introduced a rotor series designed to provide top performance, simplicity and convenience for golf courses everywhere. Featuring Rapid-Adjust and MemoryArc® technology, the new 952 Series Rotors can be set at full-circle (360°) or part-circle arcs (30° to 345°) in just seconds with the turn of a screw, making them suitable for installation on different playing surfaces.

Rain Bird has integrated multiple design improvements, including enhanced distribution uniformity, reduced dwell time, and a crisp edge performance for superior playing conditions and healthier turf. Simplicity is built in with a self-adjusting stator and nozzle sets for use across the course.

“With the 952 Series, Rain Bird has made it even easier for specifiers and contractors to deliver systems with exceptional coverage and accuracy”, says European Specification Manager for Golf, Stuart Tate. “For example, tail nozzles can be added very easily without turret changes, reducing the hard line of irrigation coverage to any area. Nozzles can also be changed quickly from the top without removing the internal from the case, as the self-adjusting stator provides constant rotation speed regardless of the nozzle selection.

“Upgrading from existing 900 or 950 rotors to the new 952 Series couldn’t be any easier; they can simply be placed into the same cases, “ he adds. “All are top serviceable with a snap-cover that allows for quick access to internal components. Coupled with the 752 Series, these two rotors deliver exceptional performance across the entire golf course.”

The 952 Series includes three models, including an IC version compatible with the Rain Bird® IC System™ which connects irrigation central control directly to every rotor and valve for optimal water and energy efficiency. Electric and Stopamatic (SAM) models are also available.

Photographs: Rain Bird 952 series rotors, provided courtesy of Rain Bird

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