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Date: Mon 15 May 2023

The importance of Turfgrass® in your course design and success

Bronze Partner Turfgrass® collaborates with golf course architects across the globe, providing invaluable expertise and support in the creation of world-class golf courses.

EIGCA Members and Partners at the EIGCA Annual Meeting 2022 in Iceland

EIGCA Members and Partners at the EIGCA Annual Meeting 2022 in Iceland

At Turfgrass®, we understand the importance of protecting the brand and legacy of golf course architects. We see our role as not only guaranteeing that the golf course is developed to the highest standards, but that it is also maintained to these standards over time. We collaborate closely with architects to bring their vision to life, providing expertise in the development of grassing, water, and management plans that are both viable for the site and within budget. By working together, we help to ensure that projects are not only successful and sustainable, but that they exceed the client's expectations, providing a lasting legacy.

Golf course architects leverage our expertise on:
• Site assessments
• Agronomy specifications
• Economic sustainability
• Irrigation and grassing requirements
• Development of maintenance budgets
• Environmental management plans, including the reduction of irrigation and pesticidal use through Integrated Pest Management.

By engaging with us from the early stage of a project design, our collaboration guarantees the accurate execution of an Architects vision and importantly aligns these with future maintenance goals, considering both environmental and economic factors. We take immense pride in upholding the highest industry standards and safeguarding the brand values of the Architect, supporting them in the creation of exceptional golf courses that will stand the test of time.

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