Jakub ervenko Golf Club Rapotín Prague

Date: Fri 14 Apr 2023

New course in Prague by Member, Jakub Cervenka

The design office led by member, Jakub Cervenka, is working on a new course - Golf Club Rapotín.

Golf Club Rapotín (photo courtesy of Jakub ervenko)

Golf Club Rapotín (photo courtesy of Jakub ervenko)

The design office led by Jakub Cervenka, based in Prague, is working on a new course - Golf Club Rapotín.

The project is divided into two separate construction stages. In the first phase, a clubhouse, parking lot, facilities for maintenance, and complete training areas including a driving range, putting green and chipping area were built. This phase was completed last spring and launched with great success. Since the opening of the first phase, the number of new members of the golf club has already increased to almost 150 members.

The location is in a challenging and hilly former military shooting range area, with an elevation of almost 70 meters. Earthworks include local cut and fill and placement of external material. A total volume of almost 200,000 m3 of moved mass will be achieved in both phases. This project is particularly exciting because it allowed the creation of something unique and innovative as part of the technical and landscape solution for a project with such a significant elevation.

A layout was developed which incorporated natural elements such as water features, deep bunkers, and landscape features extensively shaped to support massive elevation changes, working with sandstone rock while taking into account the surrounding landscape and ecological aspects.

The result will be a new 9-hole course with a stunning view of the nearby mountains.

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