Date: Wed 15 Mar 2023

Spotlight on ... Indigrow

In our series of Partner Profiles, get to know EIGCA Bronze Partner, Indigrow through their answers to these "5 Questions for ..."

1. What is your organisation best known for and what does the company do which might not be well known?

Indigrow are best known as manufacturers of specialist nutritional products for managed sports turf. Along with our nutritional products, our ranges of bio-stimulants and wetting agents, amongst others, ensure that we are seen as a go-to brand for greenkeepers and turf managers worldwide. As well as our ranges of high-quality nutritional products, we also offer a nutritional analysis service known as QMP. QMP is a tool for the greenkeeper to monitor and quantify green quality and performance in an objective, measurable manner. QMP provides physical analysis allowing us to understand what is going on under the surface. Only after physical analysis is nutrient analysis relevant. Turf can only fully utilise nutrients with a properly functioning rootzone.

2. What are the biggest challenges your organisation has faced in the last ten years, and how have they been overcome?
The biggest challenges Indigrow have faced in the last ten years is the move towards more sustainable products. Our research and development team have ensured that our products meet not only the latest regulatory standards but also offer sports turf managers the latest in sustainable options including the use of natural waste products from other industries into the formulations. Our R&D team have and will continue to innovate to ensure we stay ahead of these challenges in the future.

3. What advice do you have for golf course architects when it comes to selecting your organisation for their projects?

Sustainability is one of the leading topics in the world of golf course management currently. The Indigrow range of products can help with the sustainable ongoing management of golf courses, along with during the construction and grow in. Whether that is through the use of naturally occurring minerals for use in construction, or through the use of organo-mineral fertilisers or our super concentrated OneShot sachets during the ongoing maintenance.

4. What interesting environmental initiatives have your organisation been involved with, or seen installed, on a golf course?

One most environmentally aware initiative is our super concentrated OneShot products. These unique sachets are used at incredibly low application rates which offers a significant reduction in transport emissions and in disposal costs. These products are also highly tank mixable so can be used on conjunction with a wide range of other products leading to a reduction in emissions from sprayers as well as a considerable saving on water usage. In the current climate, water use efficiency is a significant factor that all golf course managers should be aware of.

5. What new or recent developments by your organisation should EIGCA members be aware of?
Our most recent development is our fungicide-alternative product, Diamond Green. The Sustainable Use Directive will leave to a reduction in the number of registered fungicides and pesticides, so alternative products which give golf course managers a viable means of controlling turf disease is of fundamental interest to our research and development team. Diamond Green is a nutritional product with included essential plant oils and a bio-stimulant which helps to not only give control of the turf disease but also helps the turf begin its recovery.

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