MJ Abbott Hinckley Common Golf Club Mackenzie & Ebert

Date: Wed 15 Mar 2023

EIGCA Bronze Partner, MJ Abbott and the phased re-construction project at Hankley Common Golf Club

Hankley Common Golf Course (Photo courtesy of MJ Abbott)

Hankley Common Golf Course (Photo courtesy of MJ Abbott)

In 2020, plans were drawn up by Martin Ebert of Mackenzie & Ebert Ltd to carry out a phased re-construction of the course at Hankley Common GC to include; bunkers, greens surrounds, paths, sand and heather areas and some tee complexes.

Following a pilot project and 2 major re-construction phases, 14 Holes have been worked on with one more phase left to complete in winter 2023/24..

The project was set up on a collaborative basis; Martin Ebert wanted to utilise the skills of freelance shaper, Quinn Thompson, who he had worked successfully with at Hirona Golf Club in Japan, and the club wanted to carry out all lifting and replacement of existing turf and final sanding of bunkers. Quinn fitted into the project on one of our excavators working with the club, and Martin, to agree final shaping and the club slotted in as required to open up and close out areas.

The site is blessed with fantastic heather coverage and the re-design brings heather closely into bunker complexes and lines of play. Clearance of sight lines between back to back greens on Holes 5 & 8 has transformed the green complexes and large sand scrape bunkers on Hole 2 is a dramatic contrast to what was there previously.

Translocation of heather from rough areas into green, tee and bunker complexes was always going to be a challenge and a major part of the project. By a combination of hand slabbing on immediate bunker surrounds and faces and larger machine slabbed areas, the transformation is striking.

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