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Date: Wed 01 Mar 2023

EIGCA Bronze Partner Turfgrass - For an even “greener” golf course

As a world-leading golf course consultancy, Turfgrass® mission is to develop, enhance and maintain the golf courses of the future. For all of us, the future means playing our part in protecting the planet. For the golf industry, this means ensuring that every aspect of a golf course is considerate of the environment and adopts sustainable practices.

That is why Turfgrass® are proud to work as an expert technical service provider and partner with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf. Together, the two organisations are committed to supporting education, raising awareness and helping to demonstrate effective environmental stewardship, resource conservation, and climate action.

Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf have so far collaborated on over 30 projects across Europe. GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf is the most widely endorsed international non-profit organisation in golf, providing a highly credible and straightforward system of sustainability standards, project support and prestigious recognition for golf globally. Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf have worked together to improve water conservation, reduce the use of pesticides and encourage more environmentally appropriate equipment for multiple golf courses. In recent years a large part of Turfgrass® project assignments have been the redevelopment of golf courses to reduce areas of maintained turf, generating both environmental and economic benefits.

Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf can provide guidance and help you to explore innovative solutions and an effective sustainable strategy for your next project such as:

• Protecting natural resources
• Adapting and mitigating for climate change
• Promoting biodiversity

Considering the ecological, social and economic environments from the outset will help build a better future for any golf course. Turfgrass® and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf can collectively help you elevate a project’s brand reputation from the design inception, project development and maintenance programme, through to hosting a tournament.

Speak to Turfgrass® today about your golf project becoming more “green”.

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