Semillas Fito

Date: Tue 11 Oct 2022

EIGCA Bronze Partner Semillas Fito renovates a course with the TAHOMA 31 Bermuda grass

Last September 21st, the Portuguese Association of Superintendents had a Field day at Laguna Golf in Vilamoura (Algarve-Portugal).

The Laguna Golf 18 holes course was recently renovated with the new TAHOMA 31 vegetative bermuda grass in Tees and Fairways.
The Head Superintendent Rui Grave, showed to his colleagues the excellent result and he explained all the advantages he is getting now using TAHOMA 31 versus TIFWAY 419 that he had before.

The main specs of TAHOMA 31 are :

SALT TOLERANT Among the 10 experimental grasses and one older cultivar (Tifway) tested, Tahoma 31 ranked #1 when tested for salinity esponse.

LOW WATER USE. Tahoma 31 ranked #1 in test that measured evapotranspiration(ET) rates(mm/d) under non limiting soil moisture conditions in Oklahoma(Amgain et al., 2018. Crop science 58 :1409), Tahoma 31 fared best while Tiftuf used the most water. Overall Tahoma 31used 18% less water than Tiftuf.

LOOK AND FEEL Tahoma 31 leaf blades have a dark green color, fine texture, and a very high turf density. Compared to commercial competitors, Tahoma 31 withstands extreme cold temperatures better and greens up faster in the spring.

ADAPTABILITY Tahoma 31 was tested in 19 locations across the United States and its turfgrass quality, an indication of adaptation, ranked in the top 25% of all varieties an incredible 78.5% of the time.

WEAR TOLERANT “It’s very aggressive,” says Dr. Yanqi Wu, Breeder and Professor of Grass Breeding and Genetics at Oklahoma State University. Tahoma 31 heals quickly from damage and sports-related wear.

LOW MOWING HEIGHT Tahoma 31 excels at a height of cut at 3 mm, says Dr. Wu. In tests from June 1 to August 30, 2018, Tahoma 31 demonstrated that it tolerates low mowing heights and is suitable, under certain maintenance practices, for use on public or municipal golf courses.

SEMILLAS FITO is the official licensed company for all Europe, Middle East and Africa for this variety.

Official TAHOMA31 production farms :
HELLASOD in Greece

Read more about Semillas Fito here.

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