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Date: Tue 11 Oct 2022

Bronze Partner Durabunker, Collaborate with EIGCA Member Pierre Fulke at One of Sweden’s Highest Ranked Venues

Krisitianstads GC, West Course, has recently completed a major renovation led by Pierre Fulke Design in collaboration with EIGCA Bronze Partner, Durabunker Ltd.

One of Sweden’s leading venues, the East Course is currently ranked number 3 in the country following a renovation, also led by Pierre Fulke in 2016, the West Course has now had its moment in the sun.

One of the few 36 venues in Sweden to be built almost entirely on a sand (a 12 meter layer according to locals) the light subsoils have enabled Pierre Fulke to create undulating fairways and interesting run off areas, offering a variety of shots and options from around the greens, rather than penal rough.

The beauty of working on such mailable terrain however, also presents its challenges, one of which has been the fragility of the bunker edges at the venue.

“Edge erosion and failure, was one issue we wanted to address and the golf club were fully on board with this objective. Being only a couple of Kilometres from the Baltic Sea, large parts of the course is fairly exposed to the effects of wind and sand blow, and during the summer the bunker edges tend to dry out and crumble. Having worked extensively with Durabunker over the last 8 years, there was little hesitation in recommending it for this project. We knew it would not only solve a functional issue but it would also safeguard our bunker design and the shaping work carried out by principle contractors on the renovation, Nelson and Vechio.”

The bunker design is very classical, subtle shaping with soft lines, with Durabunker being utilized in the main for 6” to 8” edges. However a nod to the links feel of the landforms is evident through a small number of more traditional links style bunkers such as greenside pot bunker on the 5th and a sprawling, deep faced ‘Beach Bunker’ on the spectacular 11th hole.

“The landscape is undulating but is more subtle than the East Course, so we felt the bunkers needed to be more subtle in their shaping than the bunkers on the East Course. I think we’ve struck a good balance between the uplift of the aesthetic qualities of the golf course whilst mirroring the feel of the surrounding landforms in the shaping of bunkers” Added Fulke

The renovation is one of a number in Sweden where Pierre Fulke Design have used, or will be using Durabunker’s patent synthetic bunker edging system. Wermdo G&CC, Sundsvalls GC and När GC on the island of Gotland will join Kristianstads GC to include the product in their renovation projects.

Rhydian Lewis, Founder of Durabunker and co-inventor of all Design Patents associated with the product added “The utilization of our patented synthetic edging system at Kristianstad perfectly demonstrates its adaptability. From 6” edges to 6ft high walls, the thoughtful incorporation of the product into this project has not only eradicated the challenge of maintaining stable bunker edges on sandy subsoils, but also added a permanency to strategic signature bunkering that gives a very subtle links flavour to the project”

Read more about Durabunker Ltd here.

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