Date: Tue 02 Aug 2022

Give your professional development a boost

The EIGCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme helps you keep your skills current and allows you to track and record your professional learning.

CPD activities fall into 4 categories:

  1. Education – attending EIGCA conferences/seminars/workshops, non-EIGCA seminars, webinars, EIGCA study tours

  2. Professional – attending the EIGCA Annual General Meeting, serving on EIGCA Council or Committees, marking EIGCA student assignments, writing golf course reviews, publishing articles

  3. Networking – attending the EIGCA Annual Meeting Dinners, being a member of other golf-related membership organisations, e.g. FEGGA, GEO

  4. Personal Learning – volunteering, e.g. at a local sports club

There is a wide range of activities which are eligible for CPD credits, that you will no doubt already be taking part in activities which count towards your CPD status … but you must remember to log them. If you were at our Annual Meeting in June, the following credits are waiting for you to claim them:

  • Partners’ Dinner (Iceland) – 2 Networking credits. CPD Code 113B3A6D
  • Annual Conference (Iceland) – 10 Education credits. CPD Code 114B423D
  • President’s Dinner (Iceland) – 2 Networking credits. CPD Code 112B3FEA
  • President’s Cup (Iceland) – 4 Education credits. CPD Code 110B5742

Gain recognition for expanding your skills and knowledge by joining over 50% of members who are already either CPD Approved or CPD Active.

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