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Date: Thu 20 Jan 2022

Spotlight on … Semillas Fito

Our series of Partner Profiles throw a spotlight on our Partners so you can get to know who they are and what they do. EIGCA Bronze Partner, Semillas Fito answers 5 questions to help you get to know the company.

1. What is Semillas Fito best known for and what does the company do which might not be well known?

We are best known for our turf seed quality and our excellent service but what many people don’t know is that SEMILLAS FITO is committed to investing 15% of our total annual turnover on research. This has helped with the development of many successful varieties such Lolium perenne Process, Rinovo, Greenland and Zurich, Lolium multiflorum Thunder, Festuca arundinacea Honewmoon, Genius, Bizem, Terrano and Fesnova, Poa pratensis Prafin and Field Pro, Festuca rubra rubra Rufi and Fine Pro, Poa trivialis Winterway, Cynodon dactilon Tahoma31, Ibiza and Gobi and Agrostis stolonifera Tour Pro. Many others are coming with awesome traits.

2. What are the biggest challenges Semillas Fito has faced in the last ten years, and how have they been overcome?

Global warming makes it more difficult to produce high quality seeds since yields are falling and other crops have better opportunities. SEMILLAS FITO produces seeds worldwide having specialists able to find new production areas with reliable growers and we are helping them to secure high quality seed production areas. In some regions it is more difficult to grow grass because of water and chemical restrictions. SEMILLAS FITO releases and offers more sustainable and resilient varieties adapted to the new climatic conditions with less water and inputs consumption. The COVID situation has changed people’s behaviour as well enhancing dramatically the use of grass seed.

3. What advice do you have for golf course architects when it comes to selecting Semillas Fito for their projects?

Get in touch with us and speak with our seed variety specialists who can help you select and secure the best varieties and blends of turf grass for each specific situation that you may face. We can inform you of varieties available, experiences worldwide and also maintenance tips to maximize results.

4. What interesting environmental initiatives have Semillas Fito been involved with, or seen installed, on a golf course?

Many of our varieties are listed in international, independent trials like STRI, STERF or NTEP and we are applying to be a member of the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA), an independent foundation which focuses on water conservation related to turfgrass. A TWCA qualified variety can use up to 40% less water.

5. What new or recent developments by Semillas Fito should EIGCA members be aware of?

We have recently released Agrostis stolonifera Tour Pro, which is recommended for golf course greens, tees and fairways. It is extremely disease resistant being a top NTEP rated variety requiring less inputs.

In terms of warm season grasses, we recently released the variety Ibiza seeded bermudagrass as a top variety recommended for either cold and warm areas with level comparable to vegetative ones.

Finally we have introduced Tahoma 31 vegetative bermudagrass. This outstanding variety, bred in Oklahoma state, is rated as number 1 NTEP showing highest both cold and heat tolerance, drought, salt and high traffic tolerance. It can be used wall to wall in the course.

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