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Date: Thu 18 Nov 2021

Pizá Golf Reveals the Marina Mazatlan Golf Course Renovation

Agustin (Augie) Pizá MEIGCA employed his “reassessment” techniques to reduce the golf course’s overall footprint which allowed the proprietor to parcel off his land and save the golf course

Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a world-class architecture and golf course design firm, announced today that the company has finalized its redesign and reformation of the 18-hole Marina Mazátlan Golf Course located within a master planned community in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

As with many of the golf courses developed in the early 2000s, the Marina Mazátlan Golf Course was designed to accommodate the surrounding real estate and home sites which resulted in a very lengthy golf course, and as we know things change. It needed to be updated with a renovation that would attract more golfers, increase revenue, and help to sell some of the outlying real estate.

Pizá and his team applied their “Reassessment” methods” to reimagine the Marina Mazátlan Golf Course to maximize its full potential on every level possible. They include:

  • What if? Tangibles and Intangibles
  • Inclusive to new and non-golfers
  • Sustainability – ecological, economic, and social
  • Homage to the beauty surrounding the golf course
  • Dialog with nature
  • Aesthetic and strategic turf removal
  • Multi-purpose golf feasibility study
  • ROI options

“These ‘Reassessment’ practices help to challenge me, and I always begin this preparation with gratitude, important in work and in life,” said Pizá.
The entire routing at Marina Mazátlan Golf Course was redesigned to be more amicable and friendly within the master planned community. To create a better playing experience and repurpose land, holes were shortened in length but strategically improved.

To accommodate the redesign and reconfiguration, the 17th hole is now a fun and reachable par-4 but over the water, which is followed with a high risk, high reward finishing par-3 on the 18th. The renovation opened-up 10-acres which was sold to a developer.

“Ending a round on a par-3 is pretty unique. From the input we have received, players are really enjoying the hole and people are spending time together to watch the groups coming in,” added Pizá. “The owners are thrilled as they have been able to save the golf course instead of the other unfortunate options.”

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