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Date: Wed 17 Nov 2021

Spotlight on ...Whitemoss Eco Supplies Ltd

Our series of Profiles throws a spotlight on our Partners so you can get to know who they are and what they do. Here, EIGCA Bronze Partner, Whitemoss Eco Supplies answers 5 questions.

1. What is Whitemoss Eco Supplies Ltd best known for and what does the company do which might not be well known?

We are currently best known for our golf bunker liner, Bunkermat, from Geofabrics Australia. Having traded since 2004 as Whitemoss Eco Ltd and previously (since 1998) as Whitemoss Amenities Ltd, we originally started out as bulk material specialists, indeed we pioneered the use of recycled green waste (Green compost) in root zone and turf dressings from 1999 to present day.

Over the past 12 years, whilst still maintaining our position as one of the top 3 suppliers in the UK to golf, for sands, root zone, turf dressings, prescription blended soils and aggregates, we have secured a strong following in our ‘Complete Bunker Solutions’ packages. This includes Bunkermat, Megaflo Drainage and other liner options.

2. What are the biggest challenges Whitemoss Eco Supplies Ltd has faced in the last ten years, and how have they been overcome?

The biggest challenges have come from the reduction in Golf since pre-covid.
This saw reduced budgets across the Uk including staffing. Alongside this was the lack of availability of popular sands such as Moneystone bunker sand and the popular Cheshire sands from Chelford quarry used in many USGA root zones. Also, we are seeing at least 2 price increases per year now.

We are still heavily dependant on the golf market and always will be. Our business is reliant on bulk materials sales, which represents 70% of our turnover.

To mitigate risks for our main challenges, we have looked to diversify and trade further afield. We now trade across Europe with Bunkermat and have numerous clubs in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and 6 large projects in Eastern Europe, 2 of them European Golf Venues.

We do have exclusive licence for Bunkermat to trade into USA/Canada & South Africa as well as all of Europe.

3. What advice do you have for golf course architects when it comes to selecting Whitemoss Eco Supplies Ltd for their projects?

This is difficult to elaborate and expand to a 100-word answer

We would recommend Whitemoss Eco Supplies products because, be it Root zones, Aggregates, sands or indeed Bunkermat, all our products are extensively tested, proven in the field over many years. All products are represented at all club levels, from municipal to Ryder Cup venues.
In terms of Bunkermat, quite simply, put most cost-effective liner that ticks all the boxes and offers the client a 20-year warranty, professionally installed with minimal disruption up to 800m2 per day!

It is the longest in use history of any liner on the market, 20-year warranty with a 100+ year life expectancy in the ground. Bunkermat enables architects to express themselves in terms of design without the need to compromise with sand wash out.

4. What interesting environmental initiatives have Whitemoss Eco Supplies Ltd been involved with, or seen installed, on a golf course?

The most recent issues for us are the increased amount of dramatic rainfall events. No longer the 1 in 100 years event.

We are seeing an uptake in drainage works on golf courses, with many looking to go down the ‘greener route’ of swales and open trenches rather than traditional pipe and stone. We think the next stage could follow house builders in terms of suds and installing attenuation basins. Bunkermat and Megaflo are 2 great tools to utilise and minimise the cost and effects of these events.

5. What new or recent developments by Whitemoss Eco Supplies Ltd should EIGCA members be aware of?

Over the past 4 years we have increased year on year, the number of projects, where we not only supply our products but also install them.

We use a network of highly experienced Greenkeepers and our own staff members to ensure we achieve a high-end installation and always leave the site clean and ready for the club’s staff to take over with the finer finishing works.

We are working with 2 or 3 experienced shapers and finishers now with a view to undertaking full bunker renovations from start to finish, under the watchful eyes and guidance of the club’s architect.

We are not looking to take over from the existing contractors, however, a lot of smaller clubs have asked us to venture into doing more and more of the works that takes the strain from their staff, of which they have less of, due to cuts.

For more information go to www.whitemosseco.org.uk

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