Date: Tue 20 Apr 2021

Two EVQGCD graduates welcomed as Candidates for Membership

Tom Kelly and Michael Harradine have both passed their final assignment of the EIGCA Vocational Qualification in Golf Course Design and graduated with Distinction. They will now be added to the Member Directory as Candidates for Membership.

Niall Glen, chair of the EIGCA Education Board, says: “On behalf of the Education Board, and all the EIGCA members who have contributed to the education programme over the past two years, we would like to warmly congratulate both Michael and Tom for completing the course.

“For two students to pass the course with distinction in the same year is truly gratifying and demonstrates a consistently high level of achievement. Both came into the course with a great depth of knowledge about golf and our industry but they also worked very hard to prove their abilities and delivered a series of excellent design submissions that impressed our markers.

“We are confident that both will go on to fulfil their ambitions in the industry and be an active and valuable part of the Institute for many years to come.”

Golf Course Design
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