Club Car Utility Vehicles

Date: Thu 18 Feb 2021

Club Car Utility Vehicles Setting the Standard for Versatility

EIGCA Bronze Partner Club Car’s diverse line of golf course utility vehicles deliver dependable, high-impact service in all course conditions.

Designed with input from hundreds of superintendents and boasting features such as rust-proof, all-aluminium frames and a drive system that adjusts to the terrain, the Carryall series has a vehicle for any task.

Have a job requiring manoeuvrability and strength? The Carryall 300 is for you.

Want a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle? Go for the Carryall 550.

The Carryalls can be fully customised for your requirements and have hundreds of accessories, such as a range picker or VersAttach.

They are also compatible with Club Car’s industry leading connectivity technology, Visage.

Visage allows course managers to monitor their fleets from anywhere, communicating directly with each vehicle, controlling where they can and cannot go and efficiently maintaining the car performance.

It offers a low-risk investment, high-reward solution for seamless connectivity, protecting vehicles and the course from harm and minimising the cost of repairs.

Other features of Visage include:

  • Real-time battery status
  • Vehicle drive history
  • Geofencing
  • Real-time messaging
  • In-car notifications
  • Speed control
  • Fault code notifications

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