CPD Kenneth-J-Moodie Christoph Städler Ross McMurray Gareth Williams

Date: Mon 14 Dec 2020

Four EIGCA members complete their CPD to retain CPD Approved accreditation

The EIGCA CPD Programme was created to help members gain recognition for professional learning and building on current skills and knowledge. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is how professionals ensure their skills remain current.

The EIGCA CPD Programme is a voluntary free-to-use points-based system which allows you to track and record your professional learning. Golf course design and development are constantly evolving, and it is important that EIGCA members keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date to remain relevant in the profession.

The EIGCA CPD programme helps members invest in their careers and recognises those continually striving to raise the standards in golf course design and be at the top of the profession. With activity under the headings of professional, education and networking, credits are available for a range of learning opportunities which members undertake in the course of their day-to-day work. Reading approved articles, speaking at events, attending EIGCA Clubhouse sessions, recording podcasts, and completing the RSSGCD programme are examples of how members continue with their professional development.

CPD accreditation is what sets a member apart as it sends a clear message that the individual is committed to be the best Golf Course Architect they can be. Currently, 70% of eligible members (FEIGCA, MEIGCA and AEIGCA grades) are logging their professional learning and today we recognise four who have completed another cycle to renew their rating, to achieve the highest status of CPD Approved (25% of eligible members are CPD Approved).

  1. Ken Moodie
  2. Christoph Städler
  3. Ross McMurray
  4. Gareth Williams

EIGCA is making it easier for members to identify approved CPD activity and to log their learning. All eligible activities will now be identified by a new suite of logos and QR codes.

To find out more about the EIGCA CPD programme and access the full list of CPD Approved members, visit the CPD section of the EIGCA website.

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