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Date: Fri 25 Sep 2020

Altaona Golf & Country Village

EIGCA Bronze Partner Hunter Industries worked on the Altaona Golf & Country Village is Murcia, Spain.

They were assisted by Marco Martin, Stirling & Martin Golf Course Architects and EIGCA Bronze Partner GTM Golf assisted with the building work.

The course currently has 11 built holes and a driving range. It has a desert-type design so only the tees, fairways and greens are irrigated.
The tees have been designed as individual platforms of about 12*14 m each, which are irrigated independently.

The water comes from the residential complex's own water treatment plant. Even though its chemical composition is not problematic in terms of handling, it is quite hard and sometimes cloudy.

The pumping station consists of 2 horizontal and 1 vertical (jockey) pump and is capable of delivering 240 m³/h at a pressure of 85 mca.
Paspalum vaginatum pure dynasty is the ground cover species used for the entire course.

Irrigation system
Given the particular characteristics of this field, the decision was made to water the tee platforms with 125 units of Hunter I25-04B rotors, in groups of 3 and with a 2" ICV valve in each sector.

For the fairways and greens, G880 and G885 sprinklers were used. Both models feature the Total-Top-Service (TTS) system that allows for disassembly from the cover, without having to remove the entire sprinkler body. This feature avoids damaging the turf allows for an easier maintenance. In addition, these sprinklers have a built-in valve that allows maximum flexibility of irrigation and are controlled by a Pilot-CCS central unit with Pilot-FI which controls 12 Pilot-FC satellites with different number of stations.

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