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Date: Wed 23 Sep 2020

New things are happening on the EIGCA website

Articles and news items on the EIGCA website are now easier to find due to a new category system.

Still in beta test mode to solve any technical issues, the EIGCA team is adding categories to new and historic content so visitors can find what they are looking for in a few clicks.

Click on Latest in the top menu bar, then Latest from EIGCA in the dropdown box. A list of top-level categories appears on the right-hand-side, or scroll down the page to find everything in date order. Under each item you will see blocks with category names. Click on the block you are interested in and all items associated with that term will appear.

A useful new feature relates to member and partner pages. Visit any member’s profile page and a blue block above their photograph will take you to all the items on the website associated with that member. Visit our Partnership Directory section, and a blue block appears the bottom of each Partner’s section which takes you to all items relating to that Partner.

This new system of categorising all content makes it easy for visitors to the EIGCA website to find what they need quickly and easily.

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