Date: Mon 13 Jul 2020

The Path to becoming a Sustainable Design Leader

Recent changes to simplify the EIGCA’s RSSGCD programme have encouraged more members to embark – and progress – on the path to sustainability recognition.

An uplift in activity during the lockdown period resulted in 10 members working through the Stage 2 webinars, and 8 members are now working on their Stage 3 case studies.

EIGCA’s RSSGCD programme (Raising the Standards in Sustainable Golf Course Design) is the first and only programme of its kind in the golf industry anywhere in the world. This programme equips members with the skills and knowledge to meet the ever-increasing demand for existing and new golf facilities to be designed and operated to the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

Recent changes to the programme widen the range of projects which qualify for the Stage 3 case studies. A project is eligible if a member:

  • Led on the project*, or
  • Was heavily involved^ on the project* with GEO OnCourse accreditation, or
  • Had been involved^ on 3 or more projects* with GEO accreditation,

* Project means a new development, redesign or renovation,
^ Involved means able to demonstrate significant architectural input.

The case study matrix has been simplified so that the documentation of process and achievements is much easier. Also, the route towards becoming a GEO Sustainability Champion has been made easier for EIGCA members with the recognition that completion of the RSSGCD programme demonstrates higher awareness of sustainability issues than non-members have. The requirements for EIGCA members to become a GEO Sustainability Champion are to have:

  • Completed RSSGCD satisfactorily, and been added to the Sustainable Design Register, or
  • Worked on one project which has GEO Certified® Development status, or introduced three existing courses into the GEO OnCourse® web application, which have then progressed to achieve GEO Certified® status.

To assist members on what to include in a case study, 3 video examples are available to view

The process takes commitment but there is no doubt that as The R&A’s Golf Course 2030 initiative progresses, there is a significant advantage in holding the professional recognition of a Sustainability Design Leader, after completing the RSSGCD programme.

If you want to join over half of the EIGCA membership already on the path to be a Sustainable Design Leader, or already achieved this gold standard, get yourself registered by contacting at Julia Green.

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