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Date: Sun 12 Jul 2020

EIGCA Bronze Partner John Greasley Ltd provides a brief project update

on two recent projects at Whittington Heath and Moor Hall Golf Clubs

Whittington Heath and Moor Hall Golf Clubs

Whittington Heath and Moor Hall Golf Clubs

Extract from the Architect, Jonathan Gaunt:

The Whittington Heath golf course redevelopment project has been at the forefront of my mind since 2012.

As we start to see the light at the end of the (HS2) tunnel approaching, now is a good time to reflect upon the significant construction work, by Charlie Greasley and his accomplished team, that has been ongoing since January 2019.

This project has been remarkable in the challenges the weather has thrown at us. Firstly our main challenge was getting turf established on the newly remodelled bunkers, and newly seeded tees and fairways and cored greens on the existing course.

In April 2019, Greasley’s and Irrigation Control, EIGCA Bronze Partner, moved their construction attention to the new land - building and shaping up 5 new holes and 10 hectares of heathland mitigation areas on free-draining, sandy soils with sandy subsoil beneath. Sounded good in principle, however, the weather reared its (very) ugly head from June, with torrential rain, and then at regular intervals throughout the year into November. How Greasley’s managed to get all 5 sets of tees, fairways and semi-roughs seeded and all greens cored by then was amazing – site conditions were really challenging even with sandy soils. However, as I walk the new holes today, they are getting closer to full establishment and they give the impression that they have been in existence a lot longer than their youth suggests.

Just down the road…

Moor Hall is one of the few clubs that has chosen to go for the “Big Bang” option of rebuilding all bunkers in one phase. The obvious advantage is that disturbance to members is concentrated into a short period and, once all of the work has established, the Club has what feels like a new course without repeated winters of disruption.

When such an extensive remodelling project is implemented, it is beneficial to have detailed and accurate plans of the proposed works. The level of work that Tom Mackenzie and his team put into such a project before any ground is actually broken is very impressive and provides great reassurance to both a contractor and client.

The new bunkers at Moor Hall have all been returned to play this May and the members are relishing in what the transformed course now provides.

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