Date: Wed 06 May 2020

PC2: The Future of Bentgrass.....Continuing the Penncross Legacy

EIGCA Bronze Partner Pure Seed and Tee-2-Green are proud to announce the continuation of the Penncross legacy with the introduction of the new and improved PC2 bentgrass variety now available in Europe. PC2, known as PC2.0 in the United States, is the successor variety to Penncross, the best-selling bentgrass of all time.

This is not your ordinary creeping bentgrass. With over seven decades of research and proven results in the pedigree, PC2 has the attributes to carry on that legacy. With that history in mind, PC2 was developed by the plant breeders at Pure-Seed Testing to be durable, adaptable and manageable. Not only does PC2 look and feel like Penncross, it also has improved density, leaf texture and overall performance.

PC2 displays a medium green color with a very fine leaf texture. This versatile product can be adapted for greens, tees, fairways and divot repairs. The featured benefits include winter color, spring green-up, summer performance, and good heat, cold and wear tolerance. PC2’s density and aggressive growth habit allow it to compete against Poa annua.

PC2 is the perfect variety to bridge the gap between the familiarity that Penncross brought and the new and improved traits that cutting-edge varieties bring. Be apart of the legacy today.

Tech sheet on PC2 can be downloaded here:

PC2 is available in Europe exclusively through Pure Seed.

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