Date: Tue 12 May 2020

Golf at Home

Kevin Holinaty, president of Southwest Greens Construction, EIGCA Silver Partner, explains the company’s “Signature” and “Boutique” product offerings

Difficult times the world is living, so much uncertainty as we move into the future and try and work out what the new reality is going to be. We believe that this will cause more people to stay home for the summer holidays and many start looking at their garden and what they can do to improve it.

Southwest Greens Construction offers synthetic golf projects for residential sales and the market is continuing to develop. The nylon “putting carpet” is not sufficient anymore in many cases. Nowadays people want a “golf-zone” developed to hit all shots they need on the course. The long game is now digitally supported with companies like Trackman, Foresight, Flightscope etc, offering high-end measurement systems.

Companies like Puttview do the same for putting. But people want to take the practice to play at home and many add a beautiful outdoor zone to their property, with the benefit of socializing with loved ones, and being able to re-create the experience they have grown up loving from the golf course.

SWG Construction offers “signature” golf holes, classic golf course construction, anything possible with regards to design… all the benefits of synthetic turf systems, being able to mimic the best of what natural surfaces offer, but without any of the difficult and cost maintenance requirements. With our “signature” product we can assist any golf course architect on a residential request, giving their client the dream area they want.

With our “Boutique” option, we take it one step further and create a small unique course in residential areas that have the space and the financial “means” to build such beauties…examples such as the 3 hole golf course we built in the home of Gareth Bale in Wales, designed by EIGCA architect James Edwards.

A beautiful piece of land that was transformed into a 3-hole circuit, mimicking three of Gareth’s favorite par 3 holes. Of course, the topography was not identical on each, and there were certain minor differences, but the end result was a 3-hole golf course that he can play on with his family and friends, in the comfort of his own property.

When engineered for golf, synthetic systems can make any golfer’s dream possible. It can provide creative, supplemental work for architects and construction firms, generating business for us all that simply was not there before. The private segment is definitely interesting and growing, and especially now with the new world we now unfortunately live in.

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