Date: Mon 21 Oct 2019

The Synthetic Tee Line Alternative

by Kevin Holinaty, President, Southwest Greens Construction - EIGCA Silver Partner

La Reserva Golf Club, Sotogrande, Spain Tee Line

La Reserva Golf Club, Sotogrande, Spain Tee Line

An honest question for the top-tier golf Clubs: Does it make sense anymore to try and maintain natural tee lines at their practice facilities?

Has the introduction of SWG’s Champions Tee product put an end to the stress and complications of trying to maintain natural tee lines?

Many of the world’s top Clubs have now opted for the synthetic alternative, due to the reputation of the SWG brand, and the quality of their product. Specifically, tee lines at high-end golf clubs can be very difficult to maintain and keep at a top-quality and consistent level. Hot, dry summers or cold, freezing winters wreak havoc on tee lines due to their need to take constant ball-striking from players. Only the top Pros know how to ball strike correctly, with the right etiquette, keeping the damage to the tee line to a minimum. Simply said, does a 15-25 handicapper really need a natural tee line to warm up for his or her round? Further, the weather elements force Clubs to spend a lot of time and resources maintaining tee lines, with the end result being a less than desired product for the players.

Southwest Greens Construction has been providing and installing its industry leading SWG Champions Tee line to the industry for more than 15 years. Their tee lines have been installed all over the world, at some of the world’s most respected golf clubs, due to the quality of the product and the pedigree of the Southwest Greens brand. Its product is durable and strong, being able to hold a conventional wooden tee, while reacting like a high-quality tight lie surface. Recently, top Clubs such as Dubai Hills, UAE, Hoiana Shores in Vietnam, and La Reserva in Sotogrande, Spain have all opted for SWG’s Champion tee line product at their practice facilities.

“This product is a fantastic product for golf clubs because it addresses and solves one of the biggest challenges the club’s practice area faces – the need to provide a consistent top-quality hitting surface for players that want to practice their game. Our clients all over the world appreciate the effectiveness and performance of our tee line product,” says Kevin Holinaty, President of Southwest Greens Construction. “It is essential for clubs to offer their members a top surface to practice from all year round. This product does just that, with both durable and long-lasting results.” Says Holinaty.

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