Date: Mon 12 Nov 2018

Peter Harradine working with Capital Smart City

Harradine Golf is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the design and construction supervision of an 18 hole golf course for the Capital Smart City in Islamabad.

The commission includes the location of the clubhouse and zoning of the real estate and internal roads. The course will be the centre piece of a brand new city that will house Pakistani expats living mainly in the States and the United Kingdom.

The design will be a considerable challenge due to the many small valleys and frequent elevation changes. This fortunate feature will ensure a unique course especially as the terrain is beautifully rugged with level differences of up to 30 metres. Peter Harradine stated that this is one of the most beautiful and challenging sites the team has ever worked on. The zoning of the club house, real estate and other amenities and facilities will be extremely challenging due to the extreme variations in the topography and the usual requirements by the client who will demand as much real estate as possible. This usual and constant battle between the clients and the golf course architect regarding the areas required for the real estate has often produced dangerous situations for the people relaxing in their gardens. It has furthermore made quite a few suppliers of tiles and window panes quite rich. The client has however assured Harradine that the safety of the real estate dwellers is of prime importance.

Islamabad boasts a longish monsoon period followed by dry weather. This fact will be a further challenge to be considered during the design as it will require an immense amount of water storage in order to irrigate during the dry season.

Islamabad will surely become an important golfing destination as it has been chosen by the Chinese government as a transit station for their new Silk route railway line.

Construction of this course is scheduled to start in January 2019 with a programmed completion date by the end of the year.

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