Date: Thu 18 Oct 2018

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Recent articles from printed and online resources on Architecture, Environment, the Game, Greenkeeping and Health&Safety.


Effingham Golf Club - A Downland Masterpiece
Author: Neville Johnston
Author talks to course manager about this year's 're-launch' since its sensitive modernisation

Is there a future for golf in North Korea?
Author: James G Prusa
Experts predict that possible reunification of the North and South will open doors to golf course development
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Video - From dense swards to biodiverse roughs
How to use cutting regimes, soil amendments, seed addition and hemiparasitic plants to reduce grass dominance and improve biodiversity in your roughs.
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Water Resources - What comes down, must go up
Author: Derek Fullerton
How to manipulate water efficiently

Handbook - Golf clubs as frontrunners for sustainable development in local landscapes
A step-by-step workbook - How to map values, functions and activities and engage key partners in multifunctional projects.
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Support in the transition
Author: Chris Veldkamp
Learn more about the NGF department Sustainable Management & Agronomy

Golf - the game

First Singapore Golf Industry Report Launched
Singapore Golf Association’s (SGA) first Singapore Golf Industry Report.
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How to achieve sustainable greenkeeping
The true definition of sustainable greenkeeping is to achieve the desired level of performance from our greens – but with minimal input.

Health And Safety Guidelines For Turf Professionals
The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) has launched a free-to-use web-based platform.
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Preventative Fungicide Treatments Excel In STRI Research Trials
Preventative disease control programmes outperform curative options
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Reduce leaf wetness for the prevention of snow fungus in grass
Author: Mariska ter Denge and Vincent Woonijk
From 2020, chemical pesticides cannot be used to control snow fungus, research into how it can be controlled

Preparing for Golf Course Flooding
Author: Steven Kammerer and John Daniels
When it comes to flooding, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.
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Bunker Edges - Maintaining Integrity
Author: Richard Allen
how to make bunkers hold up to spells of extreme weather

How to salvage your golf course after the hot and dry summer
Author: Jenny Yu
Advice from some major suppliers to the industry on ways to tackle these issues
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What can golf courses do to prevent disease this autumn?
The low rainfall and high temperatures this summer has meant that turf is even more susceptible to disease this autumn than normal

Physical Properties That Impact Bunker Sand Performance
Author: USGA Green Section
Researchers investigate the angle repose to provide guidance on how likely sands will stay in place on steep bunker faces.
USGA Green Section Record

Light Requirements For Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens
Researchers from the University of Arkansas recently completed a two-year field study to estimate the minimum daily light integral (DLI) necessary for acceptable quality of creeping bentgrass putting greens
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Golf Course Recovery From Flooding
Author: Steve Kammerer
Floods can cause some serious damage that leaves a lasting impact on golf courses
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Dealing With The Weather
A USGA Green Section Collection
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How Mid Herts GC re-established heather
Author: Lewis
Having been neglected for a number of years, a project is underway to re-establish the native heather around the 18 holes by course manager Jody Wilson

Health & Safety

Most people are unaware of the cancer benefits of golf
Author: Tania Longmire
Most people are aware that the walking that comes from regularly playing golf is good for the heart, very few understand that this also helps protect against some cancers.
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