Date: Wed 17 Oct 2018

EIGCA members raise standards through continual learning

Golf course design and development are constantly evolving and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the most effective and easiest way to keep up with the pace and remain relevant.

CPD - what does it stand for?

To help members invest in their careers and raise the standards of golf course design, the EIGCA developed a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme which was launched earlier this year. To date, 65% of eligible members are logging CPD activity and are entitled to use the CPD Active designation. Of these, 12 members have achieved the highest status and are recognised by the designation CPD Approved.

  • Jeffrey A. Danner MEIGCA
  • Caspar Grauballe MEIGCA
  • Robin Hiseman MEIGCA
  • Tom Mackenzie MEIGCA
  • Thomas A. Marzolf MEIGCA
  • Ross McMurray MEIGCA
  • Kenneth J Moodie MEIGCA
  • Rainer Preissmann MEIGCA
  • Achim Reinmuth MEIGCA
  • Christoph Staedler MEIGCA
  • Matt Schiffer AEIGCA
  • Gareth Williams AEIGCA

The EIGCA CPD Programme is free and simple to use. Many of the learning opportunities which members undertake in the course of their day-to-day work are eligible for CPD credits. By logging their learning, members gain recognition for their efforts in a way that is evident to people outside the membership.

CPD accreditation is what sets a member apart as it sends a strong message that the individual is committed to be the best Golf Course Architect they can be. If you are employing or working with a Golf Course Architect, look out for their CPD designation as these are the members continually striving to raise the standards in golf course design and be at the top of their craft.

To find out more about the CPD programme, or to start logging your learning please visit,

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