Date: Wed 09 Aug 2017

Vintage look planned for Berkshire work

EIGCA Member Tim Lobb to restore The Berkshire's Red Course to Fowler's design.

Works to include heather landscaping banks of tees.

Works to include heather landscaping banks of tees.

The Berkshire is one of England's greatest golf clubs, with two wonderful courses, the Red and the Blue, both designed by Herbert Fowler in the late 1920s. Tim's introduction to the club came about as a result of a course design policy document he produced two years ago, along with golf historian and writer Adam Lawrence.

After that report was well-received by the club, Tim was hired by the Berkshire as its consulting architect, with a remit to work over a period of time to improve both courses and move them closer to Fowler's original vision. This project started last year, with new and restored bunkers on the fourth and fifth holes of the Red course, but the programme for 2017 is significantly bigger, taking in holes on both the Red and Blue courses. In all cases the bunkers will be returned to a more vintage look, as is appropriate for a course of this age, and enhancing the club's already impressive heather landscape.

Tim says, "It's a privilege to be working at a club like the Berkshire!"

You can watch the project video here.

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