Date: Wed 07 Jun 2017

Some articles you may have missed...

Recent articles from Golf Course Architecture, By Design, GMé (Golf Management Europe), Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, and the STRI Bulletin, plus many online sources.



The Naturalist (Devereux Emmet).
A profile of the work of Devereux Emmet, CB Macdonald's first keyassociate and designer of more than 150 courses, most within a 150-mile radius of Wall Street.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 48, April 2017. Pages: 30-32

The first lady of golf course architecture (Alice Dye).
A pioneer for women’s golf and one of the industry’s most influential golf course architects, ASGCA Past President Alice Dye, ASGCA Fellow, has been presented with the 2017 Donald Ross Award.
By Design, Issue 34, Summer2017. Pages: 20-21

What's in a name (signature courses)?
With Arnold Palmer gone and other superstars of golf architecture aging, future demand for name-branded courses appears uncertain.
Golf Inc, Marh/April 2017. Pages: 26-28

70 years of ASGCA.
2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. Toby Ingleton finds out about the journey from 1947, and what ASGCA represents today.
By Design, Issue 32, Spring 2017. Pages: 10-18


Scotland’s best golf holes revealed.
The poll, undertaken by VisitScotland, set out to discover which golf holes in Scotland exhibited #ScotSpirit – a feature of the national tourism organisation’s Spirit of Scotland campaign.
Golf Business News, April 26 2017.

Making golf more accessible.
Bill Bergin, ASGCA, highlights how his implementation of the
new tee system at Longleaf Golf & Family Club is paving the way for golf clubs to make courses more enjoyable for any golfer.

By Design, Issue 33, May 2017. Pages: 12-13

Making golf accessible
A new golf facility in Jefferson City, Missouri, has been designed to make the game accessible for people with disabilities.
ASGCA Highlights, Issue 6, March 2017.

A guide to chunking (bunkers).
An explanation f the technique by which many of the best-looking bunkers are built.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 48, April 2017. Pages: 34-35

Mixing it up (multiple tees).
Multiple tee location initiatives are proving a great way for clubs to appeal to players of all abilities and ages. It’s why many leading courses are forging ahead with their own plans to introduce them.
By Design, Issue 33, May 2017. Pages: 14-17

The untold story of golf course shapers.
Highly skilled and invariably obsessive about the quality of their work, the role of shapers on a golf course construction site has evolved greatly in recent years to the point where they are now considered an integral part of any design firm.
Links Magazine, May 2017.

Taking Dr MacKenzie at his word.
A trend that promises to improve playability and challenge for all standards of golfers.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 48, April 2017. Pages: 24-29


Bray Golf Club.
A magnificent UGSA-standard parkland course.
Greenside, March 2017. Pages: 34-39

Nature's gift to golf (Erin Hills).
As the U.S. Open heads to Wisconsin for the first time in its history, Toby Ingleton speaks with the design team responsible for the golf course at Erin Hills, to find out about their approach to this once-in-a-lifetime project.
By Design, Issue 34, Summer 2017. Pages: 12-19

A world of firsts at Adare Manor.
The golf course at Adare Manor in Limerick, Ireland, will
reopen in 2017 following a renovation project led by EIGSA Member Tom Marzolf.

By Design, Issue 34, Summer2017. Pages: 22-24

Glamorous Sotogrande - the jewel of Andalucia.
Established in 1962, Sotogrande was born with the vision of a community basedon friendship.
GMé, Issue 113, May 2017. Pages: 38-41

The best flat course on earth? (Kingston Heath, Australia)
John McLindon examines Australia's Kingston Heath and asks what can be learned from MacKenzie and Soutar's great design.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 48, April 2017. Pages: 36-39


When the creek rises (flooding in West Virginia).
The story of last year’s tragic flooding of southern West Virginia and The Greenbrier and its inspirational recovery told by those who endured it.
Golf Course Industry, May 18 2017.

Golf - the Game

Will golf's future emerge from Iceland?
The Golf Union of Iceland (GUI) that it had dropped the 18-hole stipulation from its championship criteria.
Links Magazine, 19 May 2017.

Golf Participation

2016 Golf Participation in the US - record number of beginners, increasing interest, and new measures of engagement and off-course participation.

National Golf Foundation Dashboard, April 2017.

Nine-hole golf is growing rapidly across England
England Golf says that the growth of non 9-hole formats of golf has been a major trend in the last 12 months.
Golf Business, May 5 2017.

Health & Safety

The benefits of golf and health.
The health benefits of golf are widespread and clubs should spread the ord.
GMé, Issue 113, May 2017. Pages: 16-17

Cancer charity says one round of golf is as healthy as exercising for a week
The UK’s leading source of cancer care, Macmillan Cancer Support, has called on everyone to take up golf. It says the health benefits of golf are being overlooked – and one round of golf could even be as good for you as a week’s worth of exercise.
Golf Business, May 31 2017.


A new beginning for Spanish golf?
Will Sergio Garcia’s Masters victory kick-start a boost for golf in Spain?
Golf Business News, April 11 2017.

Golf tourism driving Scotland’s economy.
The economic value of golf tourism and events to Scotland has increased to £286 million per year following a bumper decade in Scotland, the Home of Golf.
Golf Business News, April 21 2017.

Noteworthy European golf club trends in 2017.
Five unique challenges and consistent trends at golf facilities throughout the EMEA territory: capital maintenance trends, women make the'buy' decision, business intelligence, sustainability and membership.
Golf Business Monitor, May 1 2017.

Housing and golf can co-exist.
The UK government's long-awaited Housing White Paper published in February, contains some encouraging news for golf landowners.
GMé, Issue 113, May 2017. Pages: 42-44


Every drop counts (irrigation).
How has irrigation technology changed over the past decade.
Greenkeeper international, April 2017. Pages: 46-48

Get ahead (irrigation).
What maintenance should you carry out on an irrigation system at the start of the playing season to ensure it performs at an optimal level for the next few months?
Greenkeeping, April 2017. Pages: 28-30

Sustainable Development

How corporate social responsbilty can benefit your club.
Being an environmental and soocially resonsible institution makes good business sense.
Greenside, March 2017. Pages: 22-23

Follow the Links path.
It is time to re-evalate Links golf and to bring its prinicples into the spotlight as an example of best practice for sustainable golf course development and mnagement.
STRI Bulletin Issue 227, Spring 2017. Pages: 38-40


Paspalum: More Relevant Than Ever
No single species or cultivar perfectly suits the conditions for every project, in every region, and under every set of circumstances. However, I have discovered that in certain situations, paspalum is the perfect fit. (Atlas Turf International)
Atlas Turf, April 20 2017.

Ten ways to mitigate summer stress on putting greens.
Techniques to help putting greens survive summer heat and thrive throughout the year.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 55, no 11, June 2 2017. Pages: 1-6

Nematodes - how do I know if I have a problem?
Concern about nematodes is increasing among golf course superintendents nationwide.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 55, no 9, May 5 2017.

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