Date: Fri 07 Apr 2017

Turfgrass Culture: a technical handbook

By Josep Cirera

Turgrass Culture

Nearly twenty years ago, Semillas Fitó led the way with its publication of the first Cultural Technical Guide specifically targeting turfgrass culture in Southern Europe. Until then, publications did not adequately address the soil, climate and cultural conditions in this region.

After multiple re-publications and occasional modifications, they have discovered that the interest in an updated guide for building sports fields and turfgrass management is even greater because of the more significant challenges currently faced.

Climate change is now more real than ever, resulting in irrigation water shortages, higher irrigation costs and the need to use recycled water.

Sustainability is already a necessity with any type of turfgrass.

Pesticides have also improved and there are now more approved pest and disease control products than ever.

The economic crisis has lead inexorably to treating turfgrass like any other crop, forcing strictly rational maintenance with the minimum possible dedication.

This handbook is an extensive compendium of Semillas Fitó’s professional experience, and contains all you need to know about turfgrass. It includes chapters on seed selection, nutrition, irrigation, diseases and the construction of sports fields.

Those of you who attended the Annual Meeting may have received a copy of this book from Josep. For those of you who didn’t, we have copies in the Library which you may borrow.

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