Date: Sat 08 Apr 2017

Elgin Golf Club chooses Perrot Irrigation

Elgin Golf Club recently undertook a major investment in a new irrigation system.

Elgin GC

Elgin GC

They went out to a competitive tender process with several major manufacturers and contractors and decided to proceed with German based Perrot system which also happens to be the first full installation of a Perrot system here in the UK.

The system is being installed by Peter Easton Irrigation who has many years’ experience and has also installed other large systems in the area and who maintains many systems locally and throughout Scotland.

Club Manager Barbara-Anne Rumbles says “We are really pleased with our decision and working relationship, great work, minimum disruption and professionalism of all involved.”

There will be some Open days on May 26th and June 23rd to welcome other golf clubs and staff members to come and meet all involved and see a demonstration of the finished article and talk to Club Manager Barbara-Anne Rumbles, Head Greenkeeper Kevin McGrath and contractor Peter Easton, and Kneale Diamond of Perrot about the process in an informal manner.

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