Date: Mon 16 Jan 2017

Marco Martin completes the first nine holes at Urubó Country Club

EIGCA Senior Member Marco Martin has designed an impressive 18 hole course at Urubó Country Club in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Urubo Golf

Urubo Golf

Urubo Golf

With the front nine winding through the jungle, the golf course is integrated into the existing terrain giving the impression of being over 100 years old. The owners wanted a challenging golf course that would be enjoyable and fun for all levels of play, as well as being visually attractive.

In recent times many golf architects have been designing “torture tracks” that are much too difficult and take too long to play for the majority of golfers. Marco thinks that golf should return to its roots of being sporty, and a real pleasure to play. At Urubó he has designed 18 holes full of thrills and beauty, with players not suffering, but truly enjoying the golf experience. He feels for golf to grow again, players need to have a good time, have fun, and experience joy and satisfaction.

The second nine holes is nearing completion and will be open in 2017. Holes 10 through 18 are different than the front nine, wrapping around an enormous blue lagoon with amazing views of the water.

Special efforts have been made to improve the environment, with the huge body of water providing habitat for many species of animals, reptiles and birds. Marco feels that any golf course when constructed properly, improves environmental conditions. It is a fallacy that golf courses are not good for the natural environment. Urubó Country Club actually improves on the natural environment, and enhances nature.

The successful development has sold almost all of the 700 lots that overlook the golf course. Several houses are under construction, taking advantage of the most exclusive community in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The club already has over 1000 members. A nearby hotel is in the planning stages. The golf course is the centerpiece of an ambitious country club, offering a wide array of sports and leisure activities.

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