EIGCA Mission Statement & Objectives

EIGCA Mission Statement

To promote the Institute as a professional, knowledgeable and responsible organisation representing the best interests of golf course design and development.

EIGCA Objectives

  1. To represent all qualifying professional golf course architects in Europe
  2. To promote the membership of EIGCA as professionally qualified golf course architects
  3. To define and demand ethical and responsible professional conduct among its members
  4. To assist in the education of future golf course architects and provide a route of entry into the profession
  5. To assist in the progression of our members within the Institute through education and examination
  6. To contribute to the collective fund of knowledge in golf course architecture through research and education
  7. To collaborate with other associations, organisations, educational establishments and government bodies where appropriate in order to better achieve our objectives
  8. To strive for and promote a collaborative, diverse and inclusive professional membership

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