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Jeff Danner has been studying Golf Course Architecture since age 11 when he spent his summers routing golf courses in his back yard. He is passionate about growing the game and making golf more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Prior to joining Forrest Richardson in Richardson | Danner, Jeff was a Senior Golf Course Architect with Greg Norman Golf Course Design. He has held previous design positions for U.S. firms including Golfplan and Lohmann Golf Designs.

His design philosophy includes a strong sense of environmental awareness and sensitivity. He is always looking for a creative strategy to stimulate the minds of all golfers, regardless of their abilities. He is particularly interested in how golf design blends with Environmental Psychology Principles to trigger a wide range of human emotions and sensations, all shaping the experience at any given golf course. His work with Forrest Richardson is further evidence of this interest - Richardson both practices and has written about Environmental Psychology's role in golf architecture in his book Routing the Golf Course.

Jeff has played a role in many award-winning new construction and renovation projects in the U.S. and worldwide. Having worked in or travelled to over 30 countries, he has had exposure to a wide variety of climates, cultures, and environments. His approach to every project reflects each client's specific needs while providing innovative solutions to maximize each site's unique opportunities. Thinking outside the box to take advantage of a site's physical and contextual influences is what differentiates each project. He strives to meet or exceed each client's goals and objectives by integrating environmental, social and economic opportunities.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, where he also completed an Independent Study on Sustainable Golf Course Architecture. He received his Post Graduate Diploma in Golf Course Architecture from the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA). During his time in Europe, Jeff had the opportunity to study some of the oldest and most prestigious golf courses throughout the British Isles.

Jeff is one of only three golf course architects in the world to become a Member of both the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) and the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA). He is also a Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) registered in the state of Florida and is an ASLA Member.

Jeff loves the game and continues to become an even better player.

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Jeff Danner
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Richardson | Danner Golf Course Architects
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Work Course Country
New 18+ hole golf course The Shark Club (Formerly The Diplomat) United States
Major work: Other redevelopment work of a minimum 9 holes Meadowbrook Farms Golf Club United States
Major work: Other redevelopment work of a minimum 9 holes Biwako Country Club Japan
Additional 9 holes, existing course KN Golf Links (Oasis Course) Vietnam
Major work: Other redevelopment work of a minimum 9 holes Talis Park Golf Club United States
Major work: Other redevelopment work of a minimum 9 holes The Golf Club at Lansdowne United States
New 18+ hole golf course Samsun Municipal Metropolitan Golf Club Turkey
New 9 hole golf course M3M Golf Estate India
New 9 hole golf course Sunray Beach India
New 18+ hole golf course Ayala Southlinks Golf Club Philippines
Short course/par 3 Links Learning Center at Randall Oaks Golf Club United States
Golf Course Design
EIGCA Annual Meeting 2023