Members of the EIGCA have shown through their skill, experience and training that they are able to design and supervise the construction of golf courses to the highest standards throughout the world.

In this section you can you can search for a member in various ways:

On the individual member’s pages you will find not only their contact details but a short biography and in many cases information about their projects. If you require further information or advice then please contact us via the Enquiries page.

When a golf course architect applies to become a member of EIGCA they are subjected to a strict and rigorous examination of their qualifications and experience and the Membership Categories section explains the minimum requirements for each level of membership. Once a member, they are expected to uphold a high level of ethical and responsible professional behaviour, in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

The EIGCA welcomes applications for membership from golf course designers practising in Europe. Once you have studied the Membership Categories and Benefits please contact us via the How to Apply form and we will send you the relevant application forms.

EIGCA members at the 2017 AGM/Conference in Marbella

EIGCA members at the 2017 AGM/Conference in Marbella