Regulators and other authorities

Establishing a credible approach to creating a sustainable golf course

  • As a planning or permitting authority (at national, regional or municipal level), you need to be assured that new golf development proposals have fully and rigorously addressed all relevant sustainability issues.
  • As a non-governmental organisation, e.g. nature conservation bodies, cultural heritage authorities, and others, you may be consulted during the planning process, and will want to know how the development has tackled sustainability concerns.
  • As a national golf federation, you will want to know that new courses and facilities developed by your affiliated clubs are applying the highest standards in sustainability.

A sustainable golf course design embraces key considerations at all stages of planning, design and construction, and delivers solutions on three key areas:

  1. Protection of priceless natural assets
  2. Sustainable use of resources
  3. Commitment to provide real economic and social benefits to communities

If the proposal in front of you is designed by a member of the EIGCA you can be confident the above three areas have been considered and addressed. EIGCA's approach to sustainable golf course development encompasses a core belief that a well-designed golf course must be in harmony with its environment. This approach encompasses breadth of vision and depth of detail, and was developed in conjunction with, and endorsed by, the industry-leading body the GEO Foundation - golf’s only international non-profit organisation entirely dedicated to supporting sustainability in and through golf’s work around the world.

EIGCA’s approach for members to create a sustainable golf course


  • We have a clear and simple vision founded on the fundamental issues
  • We have consulted widely within our industry and beyond and understand that a pragmatic focus on these issues leads to success across a range of countries and environments

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