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Members of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects believe stewardship of the environment is a cornerstone of our profession.

The first priority for action in our environmental Policy Statement was to produce detailed practical guidance on how golf development could be made more sustainable.

Working in partnership with GEO (formerly the European Forum for Golf and Environment), with our Environment Convenor Mike Wood as lead consultant, this project has now been completed (

The launch of the Guidance comes at a critical juncture for the golf sector. At a time when the complexities of environmental planning were in danger of creating further drag on development, it provides a comprehensive agenda to tackle sustainability issues in a positive and pragmatic way, unlocking significant new opportunities for growth.

At the heart of the Guidance are the Action Plans. Customised for each of the three key stages in a project’s evolution, together they provide a “Field Manual” of practical checklists addressing all of the items on the sustainability agenda. Free for everyone to copy and use as the basis for their own documents, they make it easy for architects and development teams to define what is required at each step along the way: prioritising the important stuff, identifying the opportunities and pitfalls, helping them to “build-in” sustainability at every level.

Also of particular value to architects will be the real-world, on-the-ground case studies, illustrating how projects around the world tackled specific aspects of the sustainability agenda at different stages of the development process.

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