Become a member

The EIGCA has different categories of membership to recognise and reflect levels of experience and knowledge of members.

In March 2017, the membership structure was streamlined to align it to today’s golf course design industry. The current membership categories and eligibility criteria are:

Member (MEIGCA)

  • a golf course architect practising to the highest standard with a wide experience of all aspects relating to golf course architecture in Europe, including the design and supervision of construction of new courses, as well as the renovation or re-modelling of existing courses
  • a Fellow (FEIGCA) is a Member of the former BIGCA who has made a significant contribution to that Institute. No new Fellowships will be granted

Candidate for Membership

  • a golf course architect with a limited range of experience in golf course design who is working towards gaining the requisite knowledge and experience to be a Member will be admitted as Candidate for Membership
  • individuals who have successfully completed Year One of the EIGCA Vocational Qualification in Golf Course Design (EVQGCD) will be admitted as Candidate for Membership
  • individuals with a Certificate, Diploma or Degree recognised by EIGCA, or a range of experience in golf course design, may be elected by the EIGCA Council as Candidate for Membership


Pre-2017 Membership Categories:

Associate Member (AEIGCA)

  • this category will cease to exist in 2021. No new Associate Memberships will be granted
  • all current Associate Members have until the AGM in 2021 to obtain the requisite amount of experience and level of knowledge to become a Member


  • This category no longer exists

How to become a member

For further information on membership please send an email to or enter your information on the online form. Note: completed applications for membership must be received by the EIGCA Office by 31st October.

Once your completed application has been received by EIGCA, it is submitted to the Membership Committee for consideration. If you are applying to become a Member and the Committee decides your application can proceed, a representative from the Committee will visit two of your projects. If subsequently recommended for membership, you will be asked to attend an interview with the EIGCA Council with successful candidates invited to join the Institute at the next AGM (held every Spring).