Sustainable Golf Course Development Programme

'Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development’ is a major initiative from the EIGCA to elevate standards of sustainable golf course development.

This wide-ranging CPD programme provides a comprehensive overview of sustainable golf course design. It is intended to provide course participants with up to date information and guidance on all aspects of this important subject area, which is now fast becoming central to the way the industry develops,

It is based on the Golf Environment Organization’s (GEO) Sustainability Guidelines for golf, and provides a series of webinars in each of the six component areas covered by the guidelines – landscapes and ecosystems, water, energy, products and supply chains, environmental quality, and people and communities. Each webinar is delivered by an established international expert in their field, and is well illustrated with photographs, diagrams, case studies and information on further sources of information.

The aim is to inform and challenge, so that members signing up to the programme become much more aware of current custom and practice, and future changes likely to appear, and will be better placed to respond to the ever-increasing demand for existing and new golf facilities to be designed and operated in environmentally sensitive ways.

Within each of the six topic areas there is a standard approach. The first webinar sets out the global environmental context for the theme, and as each series progresses the webinars deal with how the global context relates to the golf industry, what are the golf related sustainable development principles which apply, and gives detailed examples of how these are applied in golf and comparable types of development.

After completing the series of 33 webinars members will have the information and knowledge needed in order for them to undertake a case study which will, on successful completion, see them added to the EIGCA Sustainable Design Register.

The course has been developed in partnership with the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) and will be supported and evaluated by members of the GEO Sustainability Associate (GEOSA) network. The EIGCA has long been a supporter of GEO and was closely involved with the creation of the Sustainable Golf Development Guidelines introduced in 2010.

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