Golf course sustainability

Golf course sustainability and stewardship of the environment are the cornerstones of golf course architecture. Golf courses can have a positive impact on the environment and the ways in which golf course architects design courses reflects the importance of environmental sustainability in golf course development.

Environmental Policy

Golf course architects have a unique relationship with the environment. The EIGCA’s Statement of Environment Policy guides the profession’s priorities on golf environmental issues and outlines our position and principles which members commit to and support.

The main purpose of this policy statement is to define the scope of golf course architects’ unique relationship with the environment and is split into 3 parts:

  • Core statement – sets out the position on the environmental aspects of golf course design
  • Environmental issues – the six key issues which influenced development of the policy and views on how they should be addressed
  • Future action plan – proposals to continue to develop and refine EIGCA’s environmental standpoint

Download a copy of the EIGCA environmental policy.

Guidance on sustainable golf course development

The first priority for action in our environmental policy statement was to produce guidance on how golf course development could be made more sustainable.

Collaboration is key to addressing the global environment challenge and as a member of the Golf Environment Organization’s Industry Forum we worked closely with other organisations to complete a project which produced this guidance. The result is the publication by the Golf Environment Organization of guidance for the sustainable development and renovation of golf facilities.

Read more about this guidance.

Sustainability in Practice

EIGCA members are in perhaps a unique position to promote sustainable golf course development. At the heart of the development process, with the specialist knowledge and contacts to make a positive difference, golf course architects are at the forefront of golf course sustainability in practice.

The EIGCA initiative – Raising the Standards of Sustainable Golf Course Development – is a CPD course for members which demonstrates an architect’s industry-leading expertise and experience in sustainable golf course design. This online programme is the first of its kind in the golf industry and the work submitted by each candidate is verified by GEO Sustainability Auditors. If you want to find out more, or sign-up to, visit the RSSGCD page.

Leading authorities on golf course sustainability are:

The Golf Environment Organization

The R&A – golf’s governing body, outside of the United States and Mexico